Treasure found in Horedel's burial boat


  • Prince Horedel’s Burial Shield
  • Prince Horedel’s Burial Armour
  • Bastard sword
  • Dagger
  • Precious dinnerware – 8 sets of plates, goblets and utensils in silver and gold
  • Two small chests of coins (600 gp total).
  • The coins are stamped with a portrait of Viledel and the inscriptions: “Lord of the Islands” and “Peace Unity Liberty”


Prince Horedel was embalmed and buried on a boat – The Seeker’s Hope – in the catacombs of the Sea King’s manor.

His bricked off tomb was marked with a bronze plaque bearing this inscription:

Here lies Prince Horedel

Brought Down by Illness

In the Twentieth Year of Viledel’s Reign


During the party’s escape from the catacombs, they bribed two goblins by giving them half of the golden plates and goblets.